Microsoft Forms

Has anyone used Microsoft Forms with AppSheet?
I mean you can use Google Forms and AppSheet with the same Table.
Is this also possible with Microsoft Forms?
I would like to use the Data from Microsoft Forms in my AppSheet App.
But I can’t see where the Data from Microsoft Forms is storred.

I believe you can use Microsoft Flow to manipulate the data / push it elsewhere. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

I tested this out and could not figure out a way to link an existing form to an Excel file.

You have to create the Excel file first (in OneDrive), then add a form to the sheet from the Excel toolbar. Then you should be able to build an app on top of the same sheet the form uses.

Never used MS form/flow before, but this youtube may help?
I also saw the table of contents for this, but sounds like we can push data captured by the Form into Excel online.

As far as we can save to Excel online, Appsheet could connect to it as data source.