Microsoft Pick an Account Login Error with Chrome

I just upgraded to another laptop and trying to login into my personal microsoft account in chrome.

I previously accidentally created or logged into appsheet with my work microsoft account with my previous laptop.
After realizing this I logged out and selected “Use another account” to log in to my correct personal account.

Now from my new laptop
I install chrome and go to appsheet to sign in. I presented with below window (picture) where “Finding more accounts” carry on running without presenting my other account and all of a sudden it automatically just into appheet where I am signed in to my work account in appsheet.


I logged out of this account and then quickly try and select “Use another account” but it just jumps to the same work email without giving me the option to select or add another account.

Interesting enought I do not have the same issue on Edge…but I would prefer to work on chrome.
Please help
I have remove appsheet from third party apps in my work account and it just means that I get the below window asking me to accepts vs before where it just logs in straight into appsheet with my work microsoft account.
I then proceeded to delete this appsheet account…but nothing seems to work.

Please contact directly for help with this.

Thank you…have done so. I hope I come right as I am not sure what else would solve the issue other than work from Edge.

Maybe our new friends from Google will be interested to ensure there users stay on Google as much as possible! :wink:

Haven’t ever encountered something like this. If you are using Edge, I do recommend upgrading to the Chromium version of Edge (if not already). It’s still Chrome. Can install all the same extensions (QREW Tools). And it doesn’t seem as aggressive with RAM.

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Ok thanks. Will look into it.

  1. What is your thoughts of chrome vs chromium version of edge. Not to mention normal edge vs chromium edge.

3.I often select the install appsheet app as a seperate window app. Can I do this with chromium version of edge?

O no…

I see installing the new chromium version replaces the old edge.
And this new chromium edge version is doing the exact same things as chrome.
So I guess this is a chromium related and not browser related.

No I have not way of signing into my account. I am horriefied to think I might need to start exploring using internet explorer.

I managed to fix the issue.

I selected sign out of all accounts in manage account page of my work profile.
After which Appsheet login did not automatically log me in to my work microsoft profile and I was able to select forget and then login to my personal microsoft account / profile.

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