Microsoft SQL Server Performance Improvement

We have just released a change that should improve performance when using Microsoft SQL Server tables.

For one user’s application it reduced Sync time from approximately 35 seconds to approximately 13 seconds. I am not sure if this large an improvement is typical, but I expect the change to help many users of Microsoft SQL Server.


We use MySQL and would like to see 66% faster sync times if that’s possible :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
Wooh for Microsoft SQL Server users though

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Love It!!!
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Right at the same time this change went into effect, all of our apps that connect with SQL Server are failing to connect. We made no changes to the apps, or the SQL server database during this time. Going into the Account Settings and modifying (confirming, not changing) the SQL Server datasource is successful: it both tests and authenticates successfully. However every single app has an error like this now:


This is a very severe issue for us because we have mission critical applications utilizing SQL Server data.

Our SQL Server instance is hosted on SQL Server 2017 / Windows Server 2019.


Never mind MySQL can stay slower


Hi Nilson,
Can you tell me your account id and app name?
I have sent an email to the email address associated with an account that seemed to be linked to your name.