Microsoft Teams - With Appsheet Embedded as Tab

Pretty neat, in MS Teams you can simply add a tab, choose website, and then drop in the Appsheet browser link… Bam, Done.



Hi @Grant_Stead Could you please share the Link to the Video. In Chrome it isn’t visible.


Great solution Grant. So it treated you as already signed in because you had already used AppSheet in that same browser?

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We don’t use Microsoft Teams but this is super cool!

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Well, that is the “Teams Desktop App” and I had already signed into an app in it before I started recording. And even now, it’s still signed in, and I’ve shut down my computer a few times… Also, I use Google account with Appsheet, and Microsoft account with teams…

We do this! Sadly we are on the GCC tenant for teams and just got the webpage connector a week ago. Anxiously awaiting Smartsheet.

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But you’re clients most likely do!

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I just tested this, but my app contains few Image fields.
Is there a way that I can directly take a picture instead of opening the camera roll?


Probably not… Appsheet only opens the camera on mobile, and even if you’re using this on the teams mobile app, it’s probably still the browser link…

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@Appsheet-GLM Have you tried to set the UX > Options > Allow image input from gallery as OFF?

We do this but for another software called “Rambox”.

What’s your favorite thing about rambox?

I set it up for everyone at my company. We use google suite and I set up all their work applications on it (they are all cloud based). So it’s just like using chrome but a static view that opens a bunch of tabs at once. They can also make a free account and download it anywhere and sign in to it and get all their tabs up from anywhere. Lets say you do facebook marketing also, you can be logged in to multiple difference facebook accounts. It’s not perfect because theres a couple of bugs when doing certain things, but nothing thats a nonstarter. I have appsheets as one of the tabs. It saves your login info locally so once you login you shouldnt have to log back in. Sometimes you have to relog though.


No problem adding to Tab as “website”. Seems to only work with Apps that are public but not for apps that “Require User Signin”.

Got a " refused to connect." message after selecting Google Account in the oAuth authentication screen.

Something I’m not doing right?

Just tested mine, on google, and it works as expected.

Hey Grant I embedded my app within Microsoft Teams, thanks for the cool tip! Everything was working great but now I can’t get the app to refresh within Teams. It is stuck with 5 updates in the queue.

I tried deleting it and reentering the URL but it keeps giving me the same error.

This is not the case in a regular browser. I can open a current version of the app in a seperate browser and refresh it with no problem. Teams is just stuck. Do you have any suggestions?

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I don’t know. We haven’t used it extensively in teams…

I just made a copy of my app and then copied the new URL and now it is functioning. Not really a fix but it is working all the same.