Migrating from Excel to MS SQL Server - Yes/No field

I am migrating my app from using Excel as a data source to using MS SQL Server. I noticed that when i migrate the existing data on Yes/No fields they go in as TRUE or FALSE, but when I add/edit these fields when using the database they change to 1 or 0. I am concerned, because I have written expressions in the app that reference TRUE and FALSE and are wondering if they will still work or not. I am thinking my options are to either change the AppSheet field from Yes/No to text or find all my expressions that reference TRUE or FALSE and update them. Any ideas on how to make this easier or if this isn’t an issue would be appreciated. Thanks. Kevin

AppSheet supports all of the Boolean representations interchangeably - “Yes”/“No”, “True”/“False”, “true”/“false”, “Y”/“N”, “0”/“1”

So I don’t think yo need to change anything.

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Thanks for your help John! Kevin