Min and Max formula expression for number type

Could AppSheet be upgraded so the Min and Max values of a number (or decimal, percent) allow a formula expression?


In this example, the maximun is set to 5 using a Valid_if expression. But the App still displays the limits (which is 10) instead. Number 7 is invalid but this is not as user friendly as I would like it to be. I need the range itself to to limit to 5

How is your current set up for min value and max value for that field?

I believe once you set max value to 5, then the range picket wont show more than 5.

I need Maximum value en Minimum value to be expression with a formula instead of just a value.
In the exemple I showed Min = 0 and Max = 10. But the it happens that the maximum changes, this is why I used a Valid_If expression that limits the value to 5 for example.

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Okey, then i m afraid you need to place a feature request so that we are able to use appsheet expression inside max/min value settings for number type fields.
Until then you may consider not to select “range” type to input value to those field.

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Yes, that’s what I’m doing :grinning: : placing a feature request.

Or should I proceed another way to place a feature request?

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That’s proper feature request.