Min value of two columns

How can i translate to appsheet expression this formula?

where A=name and B=date

thks for your help

You would need to use a SELECT expression with the AND condition… like MIN(SELECT(Table[Column],AND(…))). Please check this article

thks Aleksi,
im using:
=Min(SELECT(dades[hora], [id] = dades[_this].[id]))
I created a new column: [id] = concatenate of name and date.

but in the first entries (by user and date) not get/appears inital hour ([horaInici]

Would you please describe your request using this sheet.

Hi Aleksi, this image is ok for you ?

in orange = These cells have not acquired any information.
in yellow = F3 use information from D2 not from D3.

You should probably use MIN(SELECT(dades[hora],[ID]=[_THISROW].[ID]))

not always runs!
when i start database it not find any min value

Yes that’s true if you use normal column. With the virtual column it should find it.

yes Aleski, i only need:

max is not necessary for my app.

thks a lot for your help!!!

You’re welcome

Sorry again Aleksi, but i used a virtual column and it not runs properly, the expression “max(SELECT(dades[totalHoresFinsAra],[id]=[_thisrow].[id]))” not get last value entered , it use the penultimate value.