Minimal plan needed for the using of Optical Character Recognition and/or Machine learning modeling

Hello AppSheet team members,

In the pricing page, it says that to use the function of Optical Character Recognition or Machine Learning Modeling, AppSheet Enterprise Standard or Plus is necessary.

appsheet pricing

I made several simple apps, just use the Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning Modeling.
But I found that in the My Account > App Info > Minimal Plan Needed, it shows the minimal plan needed is Starter.

Could you please tell me why? Which info (pricing page VS My account) is correct?

best regards
Wang Wenli

Hi Wang,

In order to use OCR and our ML, you do require the AppSheet Enterprise Standard plan at a minimum. I’ve let my support team know to take a look and see what your account is showing something different.

Could you please send me in a PM what email account you’re using?