Minimize (Expression Assistant) to floating button

I would like the ability to minimize an expression assistant window I’m working on down to a floating button, allowing me to go elsewhere in the editor - then return by pressing the button.

The Scenario:

I’m working on a formula for a column’s whatever

… but now I need the name of a specific view.

  • Or I need to know the specific value I used for an enum option
  • Or I want to check that I’m using the correct value that I did in a corresponding action’s confirmation message
  • Or any one of the myriad of reasons why I would need to leave this screen.

This means I have to leave here, navigate to wherever, grab what I need, then find my way back.

  • But sometimes this is harder than is sounds…

(Insert ominous thunder-clap background sound effect)

Observe this 40 second GIF

And I wasn’t exaggerating when I was recording the GIF, going slow or anything; that’s an honest representation of what it’s like.

  • Okay, maybe it’s a little slow - because of the recording taking resources from the PC… but if this was 40 seconds, then reality isn’t far off

In the above scenario, I really would love a way to mark that expression assistant window I was in for easy return.

  • I could see a button I tap (inside the expression assistant somewhere)
  • that causes the expression assistant (and the corresponding open column window behind it) to shrink down to a button - that hovers in the lower-right of the screen.
  • tapping that button expands the window back to normal
    • I would be able to go back and forth (fullscreen-button, fullscreen-button, fullscreen-button) over and over.

This would give me the chance to go somewhere else, grab some info - possibly change something - then immediately return to the expression assistant I was working on (that’s somewhere deep in the data structure) (^_^)

Bonus Points

If I could shrink any number of expression assistants, with each one given it’s own floating button - with a tooltip of at least the name of the column or action or whatever it’s from - that I could open and expand freely… that would really REALLY help speed things up.

  • This would give me the ability to create a sort of “custom interface” with the editor, based on the specific “thing” I’m doing at the moment.

Imagine this…

  • Say I’m working on implementing a new [User_Role] type, which means I’ve got to go all over the place and change a bunch of formulas that need the new user type included.
    IN(index(current_user[User_Role], 1), list("Dev", "Admin", "User"))

  • And let’s say after that, I need to do some work in getting all this to play nicely with some automation stuff

    • I could open the expression assistant for the main [User_Role] column, which contains EVERYTHING I could ever need when working with this stuff… and minimize that.
      • With that floating button available, I could then go all over the app and immediately return to that first expression assistant (which contains a value or something I need to use).
    • Then when I get to an action that’s going to have something to do with automation (and I’ll need it at easy reference like the other)… I could minimize that.
    • Then when working inside the automation panels, I’ll have both the references, plus any others I add, right there.

(This is a sort of backwards thinking of the original post… now that I read it. lol But I love it! I would give me the ability to hop around the editor more freely.)

As always; thanks for considering!
partyparrot (Appsheet)

Why you gotta make such good suggestions that I know we will never get?


I wouldn’t be too sure of that; lots of stuff I’ve suggested over the years have made it into the platform.

That’s one of the endearing factors of this platform as opposed to others - they actually listen to us!

It’s just sometimes it doesn’t seem like it because of limited resources, XYZ reasons.


Great idea!