Missing Column

Hey guys,

We have a Timesheet form and we have used it all season, works great.

Now, all the sudden, the column titled “Client Name” is not showing.
This column is a drop-down function that Ref’s another master client spreadsheet.

When I look at the Columns under the hood, I see that it is still there, it is also still in the spreadsheet in drive, and nothing seems to be amiss. No idea why it just isn’t showing up all the sudden.

Ideas?? My staff can’t function without being able to use this. Many thanks.

Does the column have a Valid If expression? Does the expression produce a list of values?

I’m seeing a similar issue, a ref_rows list where a user could add an entry from within a parent form, has disappeared - but still appears in the detail view so the user has to save the parent form, go to the detail view and then click on the New link in the ref_list virtual column. Other ref lists within the same form are still showing up.


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I would suspect, then, that the Valid If expression is producing an empty list. If the list is empty, that tells AppSheet there are no valid choices. If there are no valid choices to be made, and the column doesn’t already have a value, AppSheet hides the column in a form view.

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ok but why would it do that all of a sudden? And there are tons of valid options for it to choose from, so something should pop up. I’m a bit lost…

Ok this is a screenshot of the spreadsheet that the drop-down menu is referencing.

And in the form, the Employee Name is automatically inserted, working off of the user’s email.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 9.55.58 AM

And here is the spreadsheet that that is referencing…

So I guess I am using two expressions in that way, and one relies on the other.

Please any advise is truly appreciated. I thought nothing changes and all the sudden this is happening - still no idea why!!

Have you tried testing the expression?


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I guess it doesn’t know, but I don’t understand why not considering it has been working for, oh I don’t know, at least 2 years???

Please pretty please help us out - we need this to work. Any thoughts??

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By the way, [Client Name] is the key and the label and required in the Master Client list. And the expression checked out as valid. And it was working before too, which is why this is so confusing.

What’s shown if you open this?


Weird! Why would it grab [Timestamp]?

Your key column is not what you think it is?

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Wait, I don’t understand. What does the Key even have to do with it? I want it to give me a drop-down list of clients that are assigned to that employee. I thought by doing a de-ref of [_THISROW].[Employee Name] it would search that out???

And again, why would it have worked for years and just not start not working??

I agree, seems fishy.
The platform is for sure going through some changes lately. If you can post some pictures or something of both the table definitions I’m sure we can help sort out back to good.

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Here it is:

Please please can we make these fixes happen today gentlemen? My crew needs to record their information ASAP.

Many thanks.

And why would the key matter?

Please see screen shot above.

Hey Steve, Grant, or anyone else from Appsheet that can help.

I need to get this issue solved TODAY!!

Please please pretty please can you take a look and help me. This is absolutely imperative to our ability to function as a company.

I look forward to working with one of you on this.
Many thanks.


Maybe you are the guy for this?

@Miranda_Lubarsky I have a few minutes this morning, want to do a quick screenshare. that would be best for me. grantstead@steadglobal.com

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