Missing detail view from my ref views


I have a number of ref views which all work fine until today I created a new view as a reference view, with an action to “go to details”. Normally I would see a ref view relating to that that view, allowing me to format that layout. However as of today, that appears to not be the case and now I have no way to format my detail view?
Have I missed something or is this a new bug? I am expecting to see an Events_Webinars Detail to the right of my current one?


A workaround seems to be to make the view a menu view first, it then creates the detail view. Edit that detail view and then set back to a ref view.

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The system can only recognize the need to generate ref views in some circumstances, and this is one of the circumstances it didn’t recognize the need.

Note that you can create ref views yourself without first creating a primary or menu view:

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Yeah, I know, that’s how I am doing it. The issue is though, if I do it the manual way, it never created me a ref detail view. How does one create a ref_detail view automatically as that’s the issue. Cheers

Have you tried creating a view called Events Webinar Detail and choosing the “detail” as your view type? The system should pick it up

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ah! god… (i need a beer!) - i’ve been using that view for ages, but didn’t assume it was “the same”. Will try. Makes sense. Thanks

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