[Mitigated] Appsheet Site Issue on 09/23/2021

We had a site issue this morning causing downtime for some of users. We are actively working on mitigating the issue and finding the root cause. Some of the functionality should be back to normalcy

We will post more updates on progress shortly. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

[Update 11:48 PST] There was unusual amount of suspicious traffic to one of our endpoints causing the servers running out of threads and site being unavailable. The traffic has been identified and blocked. This should have mitigated any latencies you see with site.

We are still working on root cause and what caused the issue.


Hello to all the great team
I would like to know if the problem has been solved. I have features that still don’t work on one of my apps

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There is still one issue persist while you are writing an expression. When expression gets error or correct cursor gets shifted from the point where it was. It’s annoying while writing expressions. Please fix this issue asap. I am facing this issue from last week or so.

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I experienced this as well, and had sent a message to support just yesterday.

Although I see no reason why it would have anything to do with the main subject of this thread.


I just posted because of the issue. There is another problem as well. 6 Month’s back there was a feature release which stated that you can search for column in slice and you can select multiple columns and drag and drop it. But it’s not working for me. image