Mobile app for Appsheet community

Recently I got to know this community is run on ‘Discourse’

Also I found app in App Store .

Discourse Hub by Discourse

When I read posts on mobile browser, actions and texts are overlap each other . Difficult to push target action on nav bar.

This native app solves those problem.

Try this app .

Download to your mobile and place this community’s url. Then log in your account.

Just share my finding with community with


Hi @tsuji_koichi, if you have a chance would you mind sharing a screenshot or two of the interface issues you’re seeing? Also, do you know if you have ‘Desktop View/Site’ enabled in your mobile browser? Appreciate the mobile app suggestion!

Hi Peter ,

This is sample screenshot on my mobile browser. The nav bar icons are over rapping at the upper right corner. This overrap is causing problem . When I hit humburger icon, then I will be prompted to team view… z-index could be another issue as well I guess.

This is screenshot from discourse. As you can see the nav bar items are perfectly aligned . Let me know if you need anything else.

Koichi Tsuji

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Thanks for the screenshots Koichi, very helpful. What browser are you using?

Discourse tries to detect whether you’re on a mobile browser, and the styles are designed to adjust accordingly, but it must not be detecting correctly for yours… We’ll try to update, I’m sure others are affected as well. In the meantime, thanks for using & suggesting the Discourse mobile app!

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Hi Peter, I’m using I phone so the default browser is safari, where this issue is observed. I m using chrome on this I phone, but story is the same. Exactly same problem I see even on Chrome.

Apparently Discourse did a good job, now my browser is displaying the nav bar properly.

Case closed now.

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Nice! Glad to see it’s working!