Mobile Dashboard Tabs

Dashboard views are great for apps that will be used at the desktop, but when accessing the same app from a mobile device with a smaller screen, the dashboard becomes harder to use.

Recently launched ‘Dashboard Tabs’ can be enabled to appear when the screen size of the current device is narrow (usually when opened on a phone or small tablet).

To enable, visit the Dashboard view settings and enable ‘Use Tabs in Mobile View’


Interesting feature add @Peter. I found you have to be very careful with view titles as they need to be short (or small font), or the dashboard titles are hidden to the right (off screen), with no indication of “more”…


Yes, appreciate the feedback we’re getting about these tabs and some of the interface updates - very helpful, thanks @Mike.

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Hi @peter where did you get the LEGO faces? :grinning:

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Yikes this changes how I will handle dashboards… exciting.

Almost missed this as it was in tips and tricks instead of announcements :open_mouth:

Hey Fabian, I sometimes use this headshot gallery for sample apps (look towards the bottom for the Legos):


Does this also work with graphics?
I am using the filter, in my case selecting the level, front work and cycle, but the graphs are not changed when selecting the data from the table.

Hi @Carlos_Patricio_Muno! Welcome to the community. Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to your question. I hope @Peter or someone else will have time to answer soon.

I also have a comment and then a question for @Peter: I think this tab function is really useful but that it might be tweaked in order to make it even more useful. One point is that when table views have headers, those headers should probably remain in a fixed position at the top, even in a dashboard. I’ve written about this here:

Is there a way to fix the table headers at the top of the window when the table is inside the dashboard view?

In the same thread, I point out that expressions that use CONTEXT(“VIEW”) need to be redone when a view is enclosed inside of a dashboard. It would be nice if that could be taken care of more simply, without redoing all of the expressions. Finally, the tab is only an option for mobile devices but it would be nice to make tabs an option that we could choose for larger screens as well. Thanks!

@Peter I seem to have found a bug with the dashboard tabs: when I use ANY(FilterDanceLevel[Level]) & " dances"
in Dance filter ref view (Display/Display name) to produce a concatenated title in the dashboard, it works brilliantly (in real time) in the non-tabs mobile view, but as soon as I switch over to ‘use tabs in mobile view’ it doesn’t change.
1st image shows that when you change Level to beginners the filter view below immediately changes to Beginners dances:

With mobile tab view, if I click on Intermediate level, the dances tab heading is stuck on beginners:

Is this fixable?

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Hi @Dan_Longley, thanks for the heads-up about this. I think you’re right that it’s not behaving correctly - making sure our UX team is aware to investigate.