Modified PDF not available for some time thru appsheet

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use Google as data source (maybe any data source)
  2. set up the app to open that pdf file (filename)
  3. Modify pdf with any mark-up on PC.
  4. allow file changes to sync to google
  5. attempt to open file to see current changes via mobile app, most recent file not viewable.

Steps taken to remedy:

  1. Cleared cache mobile and web access via PC
  2. fiddled with settings via screen share with Appsheet sales/support guy
  3. check on multiple devices.

My workflow is the kind where 24/7 we modify PDF files with mark-ups, and once marked up and synced these changes would need to be available to our field guys within say minutes. Currently have about 4,000 pdf files available for viewing through the app and the number is growing.

I believe AppSheet uses caching to reduce the load back to the source for images and files. Caching prevents updates to files and images from reaching the app quickly. AppSheet has in the past recommended using different filenames for different file revisions to bypass the effects of caching, rather than updating files in place. I don’t believe there is any way for the app creator to change the cache settings.

Dang. Yea so file renaming will not work for our workflow. What is the time constraint on the caching, like what should my wait time be?

1 hr, 4 hrs etc?
Uploaded new files a few hours ago, and they are still not available.


I don’t know what the caching period is. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s indefinite/forever. Contact directly to try to get more details.

Ok, will do. Just to clarify when I stated I uploaded new files what I should have said is I revised the PDF markups and the file synced to google drive.