Modify Blank Data

Hi, I need help with the following.
In my app, I create records that represent device orders. When I create an order, there is some dates that is required but there are others that are not required and that may be blank when creating an order.
This blank data can then be loaded from another functionality. For example: the date DeliveryProgrammed, an order is generated with this data blank. Then, from the Schedule delivery date functionality, a scheduled delivery date value can be added to all orders that were not scheduled.
The problem I have is that when some data is generated blank. Then it is not possible to display it in order to add a value.
How can I display, from the screen, the data of an order that has no value?!


In a detail view like the one in your screenshot, columns with blank values hidden by default. If you view the column in a form view, the column will be visible and can be given a value.