Modify display name for "Progress" column type?

Hi everyone,

Is there a work around to change the display name for the "Values " in a Progress column type?
I would like this to show other words.

Please explore following workaround.

  • Create a new enum column called say [Progress 2] with values as you want. Say you wish to show values as per the table below against the standard values of Progress column.
  • Retain the original progress column and its original values as well


  • In the App formula of Progress column , please have an expression

IFS([PROGRESS 2]=“Zero”, “Empty”,[PROGRESS 2]=“Little”, “Quarter”, [PROGRESS 2]=“Significant”, “Half”,[PROGRESS 2]=“Very Good”, “Three Quarter”,[PROGRESS 2]=“Excellent”, “Full”)

  • In the Show_if of Progress column, you may have something like
    OR(CONTEXT(“ViewType”)=“Detail”, CONTEXT(“ViewType”)=“Table”)

  • In the Show_if of Progress 2 column, you may have something like

The approach assumes, the user updates progress column through form view. You may needs to change suitably depending on how the progress column is updated in your app.

Edit: Minor changes in description


Amazing! you should put this under Tips and Tricks.
I believe it is very useful.

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