Modify status automatically

Hi, I need help with the following.
My app contains a table where I save orders, a column represents the status of my orders.
I need to be able to automatically modify the status of an order, for example when the current date is May to the scheduled date.
Try adding the following formula:
if ([Scheduled Date]> NOW (), “In Progress (Within Date)”, “In Progress (Delayed)”) as a state data formula, but I am unable to change it.

How do I have to execute this formula automatically, and chang e the value in my table?

Thank you very much for the help!!

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Have you thought to use virtual column for this purpose?

Hi Aleski. Honestly, I haven’t thought about virtual columns, because I don’t know how to solve it. Can you tell me how it would be? I am investigating the best way to solve it. thanks for your suggestion.

You can use the same formula. The difference is when the value is calculated. With the virtual column it’s recalculated every time you sync the app.

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