Modular role based tile view for views

Hey guys,

is there a way to create a tile view for views?
I’m using now a dashboard view but it’s too much information.
The idea behind is to have the opportunity for a role-based modular view for all funtionalitys that I can use with my role. What do you think or is there a way to do this?

Kind regards, Adrian

There sure is! See here for the how to


Hey MultiTech_Visions,
thank you very much for your reply but this is not the problem. The problem is to get a tile view as a starting view where the user can select the role based views. Any idea?

What does this mean? My guess would be something akin to a gallery view or a card view.

Definitely possible.

What does this mean? If you use an aggregate view (card, deck, gallery, or table) to display the choices, you could base the view on a slice that filters to only include the choices appropriate for the user’s role.

See also:


Hey @Steve , thank you very much for your detailed answer.
With “tile view” or “modular view” I mean something linke this:
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Card view might be the best bet, or gallery view.