Monitor change to column

I have a table for users to record water quality monitoring parameters into.

At set time intervals (say 14 days) they need to calibrate the equipment.

I have put a Yes/No Calibrate column in which they will check when they calibrate it.

I have Created a CalDate column, with Type=ChangeTimestamp, and monitoring the Calibrate column for Yes.

So when they select Yes it will set the ChangeTimestamp column. This all works fine.

However, I want to be able to monitor the ChangeTimestamp value, and if it’s > 14 days old, only then does it display the Calibrate Yes/No buttons.

I have a ShowIf expression in the Calibration column of


Two problems:

The CalDate text isn’t displaying for some reason (Show is selected on). Not critical but it would be nice to view the last time it was calibrated.

The ShowIf isn’t working. It worked when I hard coded in dates to test, but it appears it’s not referencing the ChangeTimestamp correctly.

Any hints on how to get this working?

EDIT: Just noticed this should be seconds, not days, and use NOW() not TODAY(). Regardless, changing the 28 to 600 (10 minutes) doesn’t work, but changing it to a large number eg 6000000 does work (the bigger number hides the buttons).

Make sure the column is included in the list of columns to display in your deck, detail, and table views, and/or is included in the slice (if used) for your form view.

Note that a column with a blank value (e.g., before Yes is chosen the first time) will not be displayed by default.

Please post screenshots of the column configuration and of the complete Show_If expression.

Thanks Steve, but I found the problem (it was in my head, not the app):

I had a conceptual problem with ChangeTimeStamp. I was expecting the ChangeTimestamp variable to just exist, but obviously it only exists if someone clicks the Yes button (in my case).

I’ve instead made the CalDate field a calculated field

IF([Calibration]="Yes", Today(),MAX(WATER[CalDate]))

and I’ve set the showif expression for the Calibration Yes/No buttons to


So if someone clicks the Calibrate Yes button it sets the calibration date to today, and hides the Calibration button for 14 days. Works nicely.

AppSheet is a great product!