Monitoring App -- click an app to monitor from the "Apps" list and no need to go to Settings explicitly

Hi All,

As a follow-up improvement to this post (, we have enhanced the Monitoring App experience such that clicking/selecting an app from the “Apps” list will automatically trigger a sync to retrieve automation data for that particular app.
This will save a few extra clicks, where now you don’t have to go to the side menu and hit “Settings” and then choose the app from the “App To Monitor” dropdown and then hit save (but if you choose to do this, it will continue to function as before).



Good improvement. The previous version was really confusing, it seemed like nothing would show up for a particular app until you went into the settings and changed to that app. But I couldn’t find any confirmation anywhere that that was the “correct” behavior or not.

Can we still not load up results for more than one app at a time though?

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for your feedback!
As loading multiple apps’ data at once will likely impact the latency of the monitoring app negatively, at this moment we don’t have support for fetching multiple apps.
We are looking at ways to make the Monitoring App more “interactive” in nature to have better performance in terms of latency.
But we will definitely look into this and find a way to support the “multiple-app-at-a-time” use case as we improve the Monitoring App experience.


Understood. What if you were to simply change the user settings field to a multi-select EnumList?