Monthly reports

I collect daily checkouts. It has a date, amount collected, etc… I want to create monthly summaries. What’s the best way to do that? I was thinking of creating another UX for reports. Maybe create a slice for each month? I’m also not sure which formula to use to select only that month. Also, is it possible for me to have a summary from a different table on the same report? Basically, I have multiple tables. I want a monthly summary of each table on the same UX. I don’t need to add them together though.

MONTH( [date_column] ) = MONTH( TODAY() )

What exactly do you mean by “report”? This?

You can include whatever tables you want in a Report/Workflow template. In order to add additional tables to a UX-View, you’d need to use a dashboard of multiple sub-views.

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Yes. I think I need a dash board. I want it see multiple fields on the same UX.

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