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Hi! What is the reason for the limit on votes in the community? I only have 4 left, and last month, I went and deleted a lot of previous votes. As appsheet expands, there are bound to be more good feature requests because there are more community members, so can there please be more votes? Thank you!

The reason for a vote limit is to make sure that the highest voted feature request are actually representative of what the most people want.

Of course everyone wants there to be unlimited sets of features and customizations, but that’s not realistic.

On the far end of the spectrum, if you give unlimited votes, then lots of people will vote for a whole lot of requests, thus diluting the ranking of importance.

Yes, it is an arbitrary line as to exactly what the limit should be to tease out a representative ranking. If you want that limit to change, I’d advise coming up with some extremely convincing reasoning to make the change.

Given how many feature requests the Appsheet team has been able to tackle, relative to the amount there are, and the amount of votes that there are, I would say that the vote limit should be decreased. And, personally, I feel like I’ve voted for a lot of requests (as well as made many), but have never hit the limit.

It is also important to understand that some things are easier to implement than others (sometime much much easier), regardless of the number of votes.


You make a good argument. I’m convinced. I guess the vote limit helps to make sure that you only vote for the things you really feel are important, rather than every good idea you see. Thank you!


I’m relatively new and didn’t know there was a vote limit. Is that explained somewhere to help us make wise voting decisions or does a user only find out about it when they hit their limit?

When you get low, it starts counting down. For example, I voted for something yesterday and it said you have 9 votes left. See your votes HERE

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Thanks for the tips.

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I would imagine the limit forces one (and in aggregate shows the Appsheet Staff) to prioritise.

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