More complex "text" expression and number formating

A text expression similar to text function on Excel and number formating.

We can localize tables for number and date formating, but it is still limited. For exemple, in Brazil we use dd/mm/yyyy and “,” for decimal, but when we use those number/date on concatenate expressions, the format goes back to mm/dd/yyyy and “.” as decimal.

Also, number formating would be useful. We could add suffix, like 100kg. Now, we need to put the unit (kg) on the Collumn title or add a virtual collumn with concatenate expression.

Really like the concept of a unit-ed number column where it shows the unit abbreviation inside of the input while typing!

Would be great to have a dropdown of weight, time and volume options, as well as a custom suffix. Would save as a number but would display along side the unit.

We do have text for dates. That’s new.

It might make sense to implement number formats in the text expression. This wouldn’t solve the unit problem, but it would solve things like thousands separators and decimals.

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Number formats for the text expression would be huge for me. Many apps I make are for road construction, which use a chainage number format:

  • 1,000 becomes 1+000
  • 10 becomes 0+010

It can be annoying formatting this with SWITCH() statements…

@Steve_Howard any indication of when text masking might arrive? In the case of stations, I would love for the + to show up in the form entry field as users punch in values.

Even input placeholders could help in this matter.