More design options

Hi Appsheet team,
As a designer I would like to have more influence on how the app looks :slight_smile: A few sugestions;

  • I would like to choose my own brand (hex) color and not a predefined color set. Just a Primary, Secondary, etc. Just like in Bootstrap
  • The option to choose a button style. I have (with Format rules) created a Yes/No button with a green or red text. But my brand color is Blue. So the text is almost not visible (especially for colorblind people) So maybe a Solid and an Outlined button?
  • It would be nice to have the option to choose if a field should be displayed different widths per row. Now each row is 100%, which is pretty ok on mobile. But when viewing on an Ipad or Desktop, this leaves a lot of whitespace.

Thanks for reading :smile:

Hi there,
You can definitely use your own hex colors in format rules, just put your color in a #FFFFFF format in the format rule.

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@Gil When can we specify our own primary app/brand hex colors, instead of the predefined options? :upside_down_face:

Hi Gil,
I know that that is possible in the Format rules. But I want to set custom brand colors.
Something like this:


I’ve misread the question apparently (Monday morning symptom).