More frequent synchronization

We know that you can update an app by pressing the synchronization button or waiting a maximum of 30 minutes, which is how long the automatic synchronization of AppSheet takes. Is it possible to get a certain view for a user to update every minute without having to press the sync button? Maybe by executing a scheduled action or otherwise?

No, it is not. And there are already multiple requests for the same/similar thing. Here is one with lots of votes:


Thanks @Marc_Dillon!

@SmartD you could try this:


Hi @MultiTech_Visions, I tried the auto refresh extension and it worked fine. As long as AppSheet does not offer synchronization in a short time (less than 30 minutes) it is a very good option. Do you know if you could prevent the sync image from appearing every time you sync? It would be ideal if you could get the sync to behave like when the AppSheet syncs automatically, without the sync image appearing. Do you know how I can do it?

Negative, Iā€™m sure that animation will be present no matter what.

Thanks a lot @MultiTech_Visions