More help please and I think this question wa...

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More help please and I think this question was asked sometime ago with no response. I have an appsheet concatenate formula =concatenate(“1 : “,Round[column name]) which works to deliver 1 : 3, however the round only takes the value to the integer and I need one decimal. I know google sheets uses round([column name],1 etc) to deliver decimal places but I am not sure whether appsheet can do this. Is the beat way to add a virtual column and select decimal places and put the VC in the formula or is there a better way ?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

CONCATENATE("1: ",TEXT([ColumnName])) :blush:

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@Levent_KULACOGLU ahhh smart I did with VC a bit clunky but works the same ! Thanks.

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RPS Jays app my section !

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You’re very welcome dear @Mike_Rundell1

Be prepared for Brimblecombe match :blush::wink:

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i await with bated breath and looking forward to it !

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@Levent_KULACOGLU what about when the value is calculated in the other column and it brings across all of the decimal places not just one - using the text formula ? VC did not work as you appear to need one for each row. Hmmmm

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@Mike_Rundell1 what do you mean with other column?

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The column reference that the rounding applied to was the result of a formula that applied to that column and even with decimals set to two in that column when referring to same in the formula for concatenate it brought in the recurring decimals hence the need for round as I needed two decimals. I tried VC and they did not work and found Aleskis old post about Round(100*[column name])/100.0 and it worked !!! I hope this all makes sense.