More info option for valid if dropdowns

It would be helpful to be able to see additional or the full details of a record that is in a valid if dropdown. If the items are products, be able to select see more and have that record’s details view show up.

You can at most have two columns of data in the drop down. In order to do what you are asking for would require a very large programming undertaking by the devs - not to mention it probably violates the design guidelines of both Apple and Google.

What is your use case?

Not sure how it would be a big programming undertaking as you can add new items to the dropdown list which opens up the form to create the new item which would be pretty much showing the details of a record.

The use case would be finding out more details of a product or material before selecting it to order. Like reading a description of it, seeing dimensions or specs , additional pics, available suppliers, etc, etc

It would be a huge undertaking of programming because they’d have to completely rewrite how views work and interact and call each other.