More informative "Please reset data to discard local changes" error messages

When we update our app, some of our users sometimes get the following error, because they have pending changes from the previous version of the app:

“This change cannot be applied because there is a newer version of your app ‘Quality DM’. Please reset data to discard local changes.”

Most of our users just don’t know what this means, so we have to call them and walk them through the process. I think a more informative error message, with instructions on how to reset changes, and maybe an accompanying screen shot, would be very helpful.

Please for the love of god. OR give the admin a method to reset their changes. We had a user with changes from 5/14 that only got them cleared on 6/11…after 4 messages and a call to go click reset changes.


I absolutely feel this pain as well. Lots of ways to address it and I would be happy with almost anything to improve upon the existing mechanisms.

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Or even have the reset changes button in the error message, so that they can just press it right in the error message.

100% this has destroyed so many of my days. I had a user today lose 700 changes due to this. The recovery.txt files are a life saver except in this case they weren’t generated and the user had to send me a word doc copied and pasted from the ‘Show Changes’ window which is essentially HJSON which becomes a nightmare to parse.

In addition to the suggestion above, it’d be great to be able to assign a blank google worksheet to the ‘Automation’ monitor and have it automatically add recovery tables to hold this information instead of loads of text files in json.

Users are never aware that they have unsaved changes and, generally speaking, that should be much more clear to them because these types of errors are super hard to monitor and end up with data loss all over the place.


This by far has been the biggest headache for me. I wish the message was easier for the user to understand, or was customizable, so I could give the user instructions.


Has anyone heard from AppSheet on this? This is really a pain and is almost making this platform not worth using.

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