More than 2000 Rows in Spreadsheet

I am creating a sales entry app which is connecting to my customer database which has more than 1500 rows… It seems that appsheet is able to access approximately 1150 rows and rest of the customers is not displayed…

I am trying to use a work around which selects the state of the customer and then i can select the name of the customer which are present only in that state which can bring down the dropdown list a lot but I am new to appsheet hence unable to figure out, how to do so. Can anyone help?

May I humbly ask where did you get this idea?


Was trying to make a sales app for our company and was working on the data which we have, Tried using Google form and form ranger, it wasnt taking more than 1000 rows… Hence thought of a work around in which we can select states and then only the customers using which data would be way less than 1000 and hence appsheet will also be useful.

What is form ranger?

In order to help, we’ll need to know more about your app. Your use of Google Forms or any other form tool is irrelevant to your use of AppSheet. Please describe what you’ve done with AppSheet, what doesn’t work as expected, and provide screenshots of any error messages you’re currently encountering.