More than one form provided to users

When an app opens is it possible to give the user a menu or selection of forms to complete?

It is possible, yes, but it’ll take some work on your part.

For menus, you’ll need table, deck, or gallery views on top of some tables that describe your desired navigation options.

To walk the user through a series of separate forms (vs. one form of several pages), you’ll need to use actions to display the forms and move the user between them.

After I posted this question I started kicking the tires with the views, etc. and got no where.

Are you willing to give me some time in the form of screen sharing later this morning. Perhaps around 11:00 am edt? Do you offer consulting?

I have to step away and won’t get your reply for abourt 30 mins.


Sorry, not something I do, but there may be others on here who might (@LeventK?).


We are an AppSheet Partner & Developer and we would like help you. I have responded to your message already. Thanks for the hook @Steve, appreciated.

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