More UI/UX design features

Hello AppSheet team. I would love to see the AppSheet come out of this “Android Lollipop” interface and move to a more modern Android 11/12 interface. In fact, it would be interesting to be able to explore more interface configuration features, such as color palettes, individual backgrounds per table, work with more than one font type, to be able to choose screen transitions, such as fade in / out, cards with rounded corners, etc. And even being able to design a specific home page with grid alignment and functions.
The real thing is that the AppSheet gives a show with regard to the creation of forms, formulas, tables and workflow, however, I believe that with regard to the design of the application interface, it is still left behind, considering what others platforms offer.
I really like the AppSheet application creation and editing system, and it would be great to have more interface design features.