Move app to a shared folder

Dear Community,
I’m trying to move the app from my google drive to the company’s shared folder.

I managed to use as a datasource spreadsheets which are located on the shared drive.
However, workflows continue to create and save files on my personal drive.
Changing the default app folder doesn’t help.

What should I do? I need all generated documents to be saved on the shared drive.

Okay, the shared drive must be associated with my account, but it’s not. It’s the company’s drive.
As I understand there is no solution.

I’ve not dealt with this issue myself, and don’t have access to a team drive to test with, but I think I’ve seen others claim that they could add the team drive folder to their drive and then reference it with the app.



Nope doesn’t work. We decided to create a separate Google account for apps =)

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