Move Number Order Up & Down Action

Hi Guys

I remeber a while back someone made either a sample app / appsheet youtube / or an old thread about below. I however can not find it.

I would appreciate if anyone could either direct on a link to the above or maybe direct on how to go about it.

So using the below example table.

If remeber correctly there was actions made with up and down arrow buttons.
So there was an up and down button on selecting task that had a 3 for Task order.
Selecting down button would plus the existing order number by 1
So the task would move to Task Order 4 and remove the task down action button (as it was now at the end), however the up button would remain.
That part some easy enough to do…

The tricky part would be that the original task order 4 would then automatically -1 and move to task order 3.

I am sure you get the idea of how this would work.

Any ideas here on how to set this up.



Thanks Marc. Let see if I get this working

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