Move row / manual user reorder

I am looking at using AppSheet to manage project tasks. There are many good sample apps to base this on. So I have a good basis to start from.

I have two challenges, both related to sorting the project task list:

  1. I want users to be able to add a new task and then choose where in the project task list it goes.
  2. Similar to above, for existing tasks I want a user to be able to “move” the task to another place in the project task list.

I can achieve a crude version of this by having a “Order” column that the project task list is sorted on. The user can manually update the number. However, it becomes unusable very quickly with multiple numbers the same or it becomes very complex if I allow decimals in the sort column.

I am hopeful there is quick and easy solution to this.

How many tasks would realistically be?

@Grant_Stead, care to share some wisdom here?

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How do you post a “sample app” in the community, I haven’t done that yet…

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I mean like how do I post the app in the community…

From the sample app’s portfolio page, get the embed URL:


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perfect, thanks!

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I have NO IDEA how to get to “sample apps portfolio page”
I have this:
But, i can’t get to where that embed link is?

@shilton Check out that sample app… it’s pretty basic and very old, but get’s it done…
Now, if you have large amounts of tasks, you need to divide and conquer so I recommend a structure table like a WBS work breakdown structure.


That sample app is excellent. It is exactly what I needed.

Thank you