Moving column in Google Sheets causes error

I’ve moved a column in a table called sync, then did a Regen Columns. Then got this error on all tables with a “Are updates allowed” formula:

Table ‘Customer’ has an invalid update mode expression ‘=IF(IN(“Admin”,ANY(Select(Staff[Type],[Login Email]=UserEmail()))),“ALL_CHANGES”, IF(IN(“Manager”,ANY(Select(Staff[Type],[Login Email]=UserEmail()))),“ALL_CHANGES”, “Read Only”))’. Unable to find table ‘Staff’, did you mean ‘Staff’?

After much faffing, simply getting the app to so a save & verify sorts it. But it seems this is a bug that has crept in someswhere.

I get this occasionally. A hard reload of the app editor (Shift+Ctrl+R) typically helps. Did you try that?

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