Moving from Onboarding Form to certain form

Is there any detailed documentation on the Onboarding View?

I’m trying to do the following and can’t figure out how:

  1. move to my opening form after the user finishes reading the last tip tip? I created an Action to open my opening form but can’t see where I can add it to the Onboarding form.

  2. How do I add a button to skip the onboarding and go straight to the opening form? I could use my action to do this if I can figure out how to add a button to the Onboarding type of form.


Hi Lucinda! Start with this post as it’s the original discussion regarding the topic. We’ll work on updating our UX View Type documentation this week.


@Lucinda_Mason has there been any progress on the Onboarding View? I’ve created one but want to know how a user exists this Onboarding after viewing the last page.

Right now, they are only two buttons, BACK and NEXT. Where’s the exit and go to another View?

Also, would you know how to build the security filter so that once a new user sees the onboarding view, they don’t have to see it again and again every time they log into the app?


I assume you are currently placing the onboard view to “primary view” .
I recently learned the exit / done button will not be available in case we place it there.

To get the done button / close icon on the top right corner, we need to place onboard view to menu or ref position.

Try it out.


Correct. For what I believe are similar reasons, it is also what breaks LINKTOFILTEREDVIEWs if the view you are linking to is also a primary view. For Onboarding Views specifically, it would be nice if they were just straight up disallowed from being a primary view.


I have reported this small issue to devs…