MS Access as data source

Is there any way to make Microsoft access file source for AppSheet? For instance , placing on one drive or google drive then connected to it?

Doesn’t look like it.

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If you are going one way - i.e., from Access to App, then you could export the data to a Gsheet.

If you need to go both ways - i.e., from Access to App and App to Access, then you could export the data to a Gsheet, manipulate it in the App, export whatever data you need to update in Access as CSV and import that into Access. I have a client who is set up to use this configuration.

If you use a MySQL database in the cloud, you can directly connect that to your Access database - I have a client who is currently doing this.


Thank you for sharing your experiences. My client need to keep using existing ms access file, but we need to share this db with appsheet. After googling, it seems to be most feasible solutions that we export the access DB to sql and make a link to table in access backwards. Thank you again, will try this out.


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You are welcome.

Did you have implemented the solution? My client also wants to migrate and work now with 20 people in this Access database.

Project I mind at that time the post was made didn’t happen after that so nothing happened with us.

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check out the CDATA site. It has a cost though, don’t know how much.