Multi image selection

Hello everybody,

i am new in the world of apps. Please help me.
I want create an app to collect picture.
I want upload more than one picture at once.
It is possilbe to select mor images in ine upload.
I hope some one understand my english and my problem



Hi, unfortunately we don’t have such a feature. You would need to have one column for each photo.


You can add one picture to a column at the same time. However, if you want to add many pictures about a subject, I recommend you to establish a relationship that will establish a parent-child relationship.

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and that shall be a reverse reference (set with the isPartOf)


Thank you for the answers.
I dont know, if you understand me.
I have 12 columns for 12 pictures, thats ok.
I want to choose the 12 pictures at once in the window and not 12 times search and select the images.
is this possible

AppSheet does not support multiple file selection, to my knowledge.

Thank you Steve,
so i have to life with this thing

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