Multi-Line Text Wrapping in Table View

Wondering if a text wrapping feature is possible for the table view. Or allows the table row to get taller if your text contains hard returns.



Thanks! This would be instrumental in making my app’s information more accesible.


I’m afraid text-wrapping in table views are not possible right at the moment

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Thanks for your reply. I hope this feature would be added in the near future, because there would be numerous applications for the ability to view Rows in a table with multi-line entries. It will allow side-by-side comparison of Rows with a lot of information.



If you’d like to see this feature, please vote here on this feature request.

It seems that the improved Cards do have this wrapping feature (nice work) but wrapping on tables would also be a plus.

I dont believe the deck views have this option though correct? at least not for me