Multi-page form saving 1st page

Hey, is there a way to create a multi-page form and let the user select first page options and those options are saved because this user will always choose them?

For example, the user would select his name and something else on 1st page. On the next page he would have more questions but when he saves it, a new row in Excel is filled but in the next time he will only have to fill 2nd page because 1st already has his last values filled. So he could easily add multiple rows in the database without having to fill 1st page again.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, English is not my main language.

Sure. You’ll need to capture the user’s USEREMAIL() in a column in the Table. Then you could use LOOKUP() to pull in any of the other fields, associated with that user. You may also consider setting up a separate user’s Table to retain user info.


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If the table record has date and email of the user, then you could set the initial value of page 1 fields with MAXROW() expressions.

Please take a look at

Incidentally while searching support articles, also came across the below sample app that could be useful to you

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Sorry if I wasn’t very clear but it’s not about a specific option for a specific user. Let’s say the 1st page has 1 question: A, B or C. The user selects A and go to the next page. In this next page he should choose a number: 1, 2 or 3. If he selects 1, a new entry on dataset is recorded with A and 1 but the form keeps on the second page and if the user selects the number 2 now, a new record with A and 2 is created. So the user can keep/save his option on 1st page to create multiple records based on the 2nd page.

As per my understanding, the approach suggested of initial value and MAXROW() meets your requirement described.

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One Form equals one record. IF you need multiple records, you need the user to visit multiple different Forms.