Multilingual app

Hello everyone,

So I´m working on a bilingual test app (spanish/english). I´ve managed to change the Display names so far of the UX Views and Columns in tables, using the User Settings Language option.

What I´ve having trouble with, is to apply the same LOOKUP expression to the content of the columns.

This my table “Contenido Bilingüe”:

This is what I get in the app:

I´ve achieved using the following Display expression to change the UX View name AND Columns to the correct language chosen by the user in User Settings:
lookup(usersettings(Language), Sistema bilingüe, Language, “Hotel Guide”)

I am not being able to apply that formula to the Show_if expression so that only the rows that are English are shown when English selected, and viceversa with Spanish.
Would this be the best way to make it work?
Any ideas?

I´ve found many tutorials and posts on how to make the UX views and system keys i.e. save, cancel, sync, etc. but not for only-read content.

Thanks again for reading.


Have you tried with slices?



Thank you Suvrutt!

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