Multiple actions with last one to create all clear to do next one


I have an order entry system which allows orders to be exported to xero with an action button. I have multiple actions wherre the last one sets a column in the order table to “run”. I then have an expression that only allows the “export to xero” button to show when that has been set to “run”.

The purpose of this is to stop users hitting “export to Xero” before the order has been fully saved to the order and order details table.

The button shows up immediatley though even if [Run 2] hasnt been set to “Run” yet

AND([Order Status]=“Open”,([Run 2]=“Run”)

Thank you Phil

@Phil_Waite Not sure if this a typo in your post or in your expression, but you’ve got an extra “(” in there:

Instead of

AND([Order Status]=“Open”,([Run 2]=“Run”)


AND([Order Status]=“Open”, [Run 2]=“Run”)


Looks like a typo,

Full expression is this to limit which users can see the button at all anyway. The current user type and USEREMAIL() works fine but not the “Run” bit.

AND([Order Status]=“Open”, [Run 2]=“Run”,

OR([Current User Type]=“ALL”,USEREMAIL()=“”))



@Phil_Waite Have you checked the behavior of your condition via the expression tester? That might help narrow down the problem. You can see how each sub-part of your expression is being evaluated.

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Try this instead:

AND(("Open" = [Order Status]), ("Run" = [Run 2]))


I’m still getting the button show up. I enter the order and immediately go to a slice showing current orders. The order just entered shows but with the button even though “run” has not been written to the spreadsheet.

I need to stop users trying to export to Xero before the order has been saved properly.

Full expression below

AND((“Open” = [Order Status]), (“Run” = [Run 2]),

OR([Current User Type]=“ALL”,USEREMAIL()=“”))

Please engage for further help with this. Someone will need to look at your app configuration.

Thanks Steve