Multiple Add Rows in one Workflow

Hi there,

In my App for Asset Registrations I’ve got a table Assets with a Handout Date (the date the asset is given to the employee) and a Return Date (for receiving the Asset). Since these dates can be modified I want to create 2 Log records: one for when the asset is handed out, and another one when it is returned.

For that I created 2 Actions. The first one should only be executed when there is no record in the log table of the type “Out”. I used the filter in the Behavior section for this:

(NOT(COUNT(select (AssetLogs[AssetLog], [Asset] = [_THISROW].[Asset] & [Employee] = [_THISROW].[Employee] & [InOut] = “Out”)) > 0))

The other one should only be executed when there is no record of the type “In”:

(NOT(COUNT(select (AssetLogs[AssetLog], [Asset] = [_THISROW].[Asset] & [Employee] = [_THISROW].[Employee] & [InOut] = “In”)) > 0))

The record to log the handout is created correctly. The record for the return however is not created. I tried using 2 different Workflows both with the corresponding Action and (thinking 2 Workflows on the same table might not work) combined them in 1 Workflow. Both methods were unsuccessful.

Is it possible to do what I am trying to do? And if so, what would be the way to do it?

Thanks in advance!


COUNT(select (AssetLogs[AssetLog], AND( [Asset] = [_THISROW].[Asset] , [Employee] = [_THISROW].[Employee] , [InOut] = “In”))) = 0


Thanks! That’s how it should be done. Copied it and it worked like a breeze. And then expanded it with some other checks that needed to be done. This definitely pointed in the right direction.

Also, I realize I should study the expressions some more. As a programmer I have a lot of experience with C#, Javascript and TSQL but I should forget about that with these expressions.

Thanks again! Much appreciated!