Multiple apps with one task list

Hello, I use appsheet for two of my business, both apps have their own table where tasks can be created for each business.

Managing personal tasks and tasks for two businesses can sometimes be a bit hectic and can often result in double bookings.

I can either choose to use Google calendar to manage all of my tasks. Or, perhaps I was thinking, if it’s possible I could create an app on my personal appsheet account and compress the task list on my personal account and both of the business task lists into one view, on one app, is this possible? Are there any samples of something like this I could copy?

I’m afraid you can’t read data from two different tables in your view. What you can do… use the same task spreadsheet as a source for both apps.

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Hello @Aleksi, is it possible to get appsheet tasks to show in my google calendar as reminders? Thanks for you reply

You would need to use gCal as a source… or you could create that functionality with scripting.

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Thanks @Aleksi, Is there any tutorials on using gCal as soruce?

Also, I don’t have much knowledge of workflows, however could a workflow automatically create a new row in a table? If a task was created and assigned to me on either of my business accounts, it would create a new row (Task) on my personal app? Could this be done? Even if only to view all tasks in one place?

If you can think of anything better please suggest.


Hi @Aleksi,

I have been doing a lot of research into this and so far can’t find anything suitable to do what I require. However, there must be a productive way to do this.

To reiterate;

My tasks are a table, with a form where the task name, created by, assigned to, due date, due time and notes can be added to a row in a table and viewed in appsheet.

I have two business each with there own task lists, and a I also have personal tasks that are not related to either business.

I want one central location, to view, edit and manage tasks. My businesses have employees, however, they will be fine with a standard task list as they wont be cross business employees. I however want one central location to view bookings, meetings and tasks across both personal and (2) businesses.

I could use gcal separately but if someone assigns me a task, this wont show in gcal. Gcal also requires me to use vary specific fields, I don’t think it would work based on the fields I have listed above.

Is there no productive way of doing this? If you could please explain a little more about what ever you suggest to complete this.

If you want to add a gCal as a data source, you can do that from My Account > Sources. Then you can add and modify events for that calendar.

What you could… use the same sheet in all of your 3 apps as a source and if you want to see it as a calendar, add a calendar view. Though then you won’t have a reminder as gCal can have

Thanks @Aleksi, is it possible to use appsheet to create tasks and view tasks, and use Google calendar as a secondary option to view tasks?

Perhaps I could use all of the apps separately and create tasks as I require, and just use gcal as a central spot to view them all.

Not directly with the app. Though you could use other services like Zapier or IFTTT to create a new event to your gCal when a new record is created into your sheet.


I just quickly tested with my sample app.

Two tables, one is GCal table (called “primary”) then another table read from google sheet (call as Table 2).
Once new row is added to Table 2, the workflow trigger to add new row to “primary” table, using actoin " add new row to another table using value from this row".

Then i actually added event to G Calendar.

Probably dont need to employ Zap stuffs.

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Actually that’s true, I didn’t think in that way since then the app has the same data twice. If that’s fine, why not.

This is some sort of saving logs (copy) to other table. Hope makes sense on this case.