Multiple Appsheet Accounts in Different Browsers

I have developed an App for a Customer and have transferred it to them after deployment to pay their own licensing.
One of the User Licenses will be used for enhancements and they have given me that log in.

I have however my own Development Account that I build prototypes before I will transfer them to Customers

So effectively in the One Chrome Browser Window I am logged in as my Personal Developer Account and in the Second Chrome Browser Window I want to log in with the Customer’s Developer Account…

BUT, Appsheet does not allow me. I have to sign out of the respective Appsheet Accounts and Log in again with the specific Appsheet Account.
One cannot just switch Chrome Browser Windows that have the respective Google Log-Ins

Please confirm if this is the intended behaviour?
Hope my explanation makes sense

Try logging in to the second account through an incognito chrome window!

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Incognito should work @Jonathon.
The inconvenience of incognito mode is that shutting down laptop (auto updates at night etc.) would require another login into incognito mode, vs normal Browser window being reopened via History, but if that is the only way then so be it.

Your login is associated with the browser profile (which also includes bookmarks, settings, cookies, and the like). In past experience, browsers allow you to use multiple profiles, but you have to use the command line. Once you have a suitable command line, you could then create a launcher for your desktop or menu.

@Steve, no experience with Command Line and Menu Launcher approach you mention.
Someone I sound boarded with mentioned that PUTTY could maybe be a solution to launch different Chrome Browsers that will give me the separation of Settings and Cookies?? I also do not have PUTTY Knowledge

PuTTY would be similar to command line, but with added complexity.

I have no idea if these are still accurate: