Multiple Barcode Scanner

hello I am trying to scan multiple barcodes in a single form on the sell tab, the default one is working properly and removing the quantity selected from the product list, however the second barcode tab that I have added in the same form is not updating the stock on my product list, I have tried everything and need help.

Could you elaborate bit more your table structure as well as how you structure “quantity” and "stock " record to fill value into it?

Are you turn on Advance Form Automatically in UX pane, Form section? to move to the next field once the value is filled in?

I haven’t modified the original inventory management sample app structure, I just want to be able to scan multiple barcodes, but with how it is now I can only scan one per form.

I only can see one data field called Product Barcode only for this view. I understood you might have multiple fields in this form (table) which are set as text field, scannable feature being turned on.

If you want to capture bar code further, you need to create additional fields for this table. Single data field can store one bar code only.

Can the barcode be changed to a multiple data form, if not how can I add another barcode and have it update my inventory. If you have an email I can send you a video of my problem

One data filed can store one data in general, apart from enumlist or list type, but those two data type fields does not fit your needs to save the multiple bar code data into single data field by scanning actions.

You can email to me for help

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