Multiple barcodes for a single item

I am attempting to customize the Inventory Management example with the Product / Sales / Purchases tables to suite our inventory structure. I want to be able to create items that have multiple product/barcodes any one of which can be used to add or remove inventory. We have items that are sourced from multiple suppliers that are functionally identical but have vendor-specific product numbers. I wish to be able to associate all of the possible supplier product numbers with one in-house part number and am wondering how to go about doing this.

I have tried creating another searchable / scannable column for vendor part number but when I scan the vendor code I still also have to scan the “master” barcode in order to complete the Add Stock form, which defeats the purpose.

Any suggestions and or references would be greatly appreciated.

I imagine converting the current product number column to an EnumList so it might contain multiple product numbers. The form that receives the scanned product number would thern search through those EnumList lists.

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That is interesting, but would it not then be difficult to associate a particular barcode/product number with its supplier? The idea would be to have one “master” product number (which is assigned in house) which is associated to a number of other product numbers from various suppliers.