Multiple choice buttons based on ref

I need to create a form to record attendance to sessions among a list of registered pupils. All their names displayed together with check boxes to mark their attendance. But the list of pupils must not be static. It needs to be the current list of pupils.

Hi @monedero

Does the EnumList Type answer your question ?

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No, because it does not allow me multiple choice. I need to mark all pupils who attended the class.

that’s weird, I made a test and that works for me.
Can you please share a screenshot of your pupils table and your sessions table ?
You picked EnumList ?

My screen doesn’t show the field to specify the reference table name

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When using a column of type Enum or EnumList, with a Base type of Ref:

  • The Allow other values setting must be on.

  • The Referenced table name option will not appear until the app config is saved. After saving, return to the column config and choose the desired table.

  • Unlike a column of type Ref, a column of type Enum or EnumList of Ref does not automatically provide the user with existing rows to choose from, so you’ll need to provide a Valid If or Suggested values expression to provide that list of choices.


Thanks. I will test your solution

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I have tested. I have defined in the Sessions table, the [Related pupils" as enum list. It doesn’t seem to work

It appears you added it as a virtual column. Virtual columns cannot be input columns. You’ll need to make it a normal (non-virtual) column.

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It is a normal column. I have not used yet virtual columns

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Sorry, I realiza now that it is a virtual column but system generated. The problem is that I don’t know how to create a non virtual column that contains several values for each record. Related asistentes is a list of all the persons who assisted to that session.

Create a column of type EnumList as I described above.

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