Multiple choice in task manager app

I’m building a task manager app. I have such lists in a spreadsheet:

  • tasks
  • team members

There is a column “Collaborators” in Tasks. How do I make it possible to pick more than one collaborator from Team list?

And I need to have an ability to see in which tasks every team member is collaborator. How do I do this?

Make the dropdown an EnumList - this allows you to select multiple people from the list.

Then you’ll need to change your formulas around a bit; right now they’re probly equalities ([Collaborators] = USEREMAIL() for instance), these will need to be changed to work with lists.

in(USERMAIL(), [Collaborators])

for instance.

To create a list of all the tasks on the user level: create a virtual column with a formula something like this:

Select(Tasks[TaskID], IN([_thisrow].[User_Email], [Collaborators]))

it will create a related-records list that’s similar to what you get from a normal reference.